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Let Me Talk To Em Tiktok Lyrics

Let Me Talk To Em Tiktok Lyrics
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Let Me Talk To Em Tiktok Lyrics. Main song words are I’m ’bout to tell ’em whats up let me talk to ’em I’m finna tell em whats up yo let me talk to em.

Let Me Talk To Em Tiktok Lyrics

I’m ’bout to tell ’em whats up
Let me talk to ’em x3
I’m finna tell em whats up
Yo let me talk to em x3

Check it out
I got it going on when I step on the song
Spitting lyrics that’s strong
My flow is so right that it can’t be wrong
I’m more toxic than a smoking bong
Yo squad claim that you the kings when really you barely the pawns
My zebras will bury ya squad like dogs bury bones
My crew get more rowdy than Macaulay Culkin in home alone
You’d think I was a mailman how I bring the fire to ya
I’m not Karl Malone
But I demolish tracks like cats devour tuna
Some cats dog they girls out like the moon up
I need a tune-up
‘Cause I don’t understand it, it seems outlandish
To put your time and effort in a relationship then make it vanish
Whats worse is if it takes place in the workplace
But maybe a worse place is the classroom setting
With assigned seats next to the girl they d-u-m-p
Between you and me, some of the best girls seem to be taken
I wish that they were s-i-n-g-l-e
‘Cause most girls seem to fall for bad guys who treat them helly
And good guys seem to finish last, which awakens my wrath if you smell me
Its not my b.o, its just the smell of real talk in the air
I’m spitting that real talk in ya ear can’t you hear?
I said its not my body odor just the smell of real talk on these beats
I gotta stand firm like a boulder or forever hold my piece
Girls giving the cool guys the cold shoulder just to be underneath
These jack guys who mess them over, make ’em statistics
I saw How To Be A Player, its just sadistic
I really need to say a prayer for all my ladies
That they would learn to stay away from the dudes thats shady
And this amount is plenty, they sharks in the pool they be more villainous than Lenny
They demeanor is cool but usually they thoughts be empty
I know its tempting, to think that I be spitting envy
But my family mainly consists of women
So what that means is I don’t like the way these sharks be swimming
Swim they way to my fam and I’ll leave they numbers dwindling
These cats be swindling girls for the legs
Dispensing the dick out like Pez
And leaving the huns hearts ripped into shreds
And I really don’t mess with dudes who do domestic violence
Putting they hands on a girl when they know they won’t fight back, bite back
Attack a girl I don’t mess with cats like that, I don’t mess with cats like that
Yo, let me talk to the ladies out there a little bit man, yo

I’ll come through, I’ll say a couple words at your party, I’ll come through only
(Sample)If you invited me
Check it out x3
Let me tell ’em whats up
Let me talk to em x3

If a brotha can get in the white house then a sista can get in the white house too
I think its time to paint the white house blue
‘Cause ain’t no blue people walking around
But white, black, brown, red, and yellow fellows can be found
Stereotypically yellow being for my Asian brethren
Red representing all of the Native Americans
Black and brown acting for my African Americans
The white house already white which can represent the looks of the former presidents
And the nationality of they people
I’m alright with all people but sorry my mics lethal
I mingle with different girls taken and single
From different nationalities telling me about their hearts’ casualties
I found out casually that the ladies got it hard too and we all in need of a little cavalry
We all in need of a little cavalry

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